Email client setup

How to setup your email client

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How to setup Mozilla Thunderbird on your Mac (IMAP)

  1. Download Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird, and in the top menu select “Tools” -> “Account Settings”
  3. In the select box select “Add Mail Account”
  4. Enter you name, your full email address (with @yourdomain), enter the password for your account and click “Continue”
  5. Thunderbird should detect the settings automatically.  If they do not, please use the screenshot below as a guide for your settings.
  6. Your email should now be setup:


How to setup Microsoft Outlook on your Mac (IMAP)

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and in the top menu select “Tools” -> “Accounts”
  2. Click on the “+” symbol and select “”
  3. Enter the following information and click “Continue”:
    – Full Name: <your name to be displayed>
    – E-Mail Address: <your full email address with @yourdomain>
    – User Name: <your full email address with @yourdomain>
    – Incoming Server: : 993
    – Check “Override Default Port” and set to 993
    – Check “Use SSL to connect (recommended)”
    – Outgoing Server: : 587
    – Check “Override Default Port” and set to 587
    – Check “Use SSL to connect (reommended)”capture-decran-2016-09-07-a-21-34-23

How to setup Mail on your Mac (IMAP)

  1. Open Mail and on the top menu select “Mail” -> “Accounts…”
  2. Select “Add Other Account” -> “Mail account” and then enter your full name, full email address (with @yourdomain), and your password.  Then click “Sign In”
  3. This will NOT connect.  You will need to provide the detailed connection information.  Enter the following, then click “Sign In” again.– Account Type: IMAP
    – Incoming Mail Server:
    – Outgoing Mail Server:

How to Receive and Send from your Gmail account (POP3)

It is sometimes preferred to use a centralized Gmail account.  This is possible by adding a POP3 account to your Gmail.

To add a POP3 account to your Gmail account you must be in the old style Gmail, NOT the new interface called Google Inbox!

  1. Sign into your Gmail account and click “Settings”add-gmail-1
  2. Click the “Accounts and Import” tab and then click “Add a POP3 mail account you own”.
  3. Enter your full email address (eg:
  4. On the next screen enter the following information, the click “Add Account”
    Username: your full email address (eg:
    Password: your password for the account
    POP Server:
    Port: 995
    * Check “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.
    * Optional: Check: “Label incomming messages:


  5. Click “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as, then click “Next Step”.
  6.  Default settings for the next screen should be fine.  Click “Next Step”
  7. Enter the following SMTP settings and click “Add Account”.   This will setup the ability to send mail.
    SMTP Server:
    Port: 587
    Username: your full email address (eg:
    Password: your password
    * Check “Secured connection using TLS (recommended)


  8. At this time Google will send a verification code to your email address.  Log in to to check your mail.  Inside of there you have two options.  There is a code, or there is a link.  You can enter the code on the screen in your Gmail account, or you can click the link from the verification email.